Alumni Recruit Connect

The current job scenario has turned out to be very unpredictable for the engineering students due to some mild or not so mild global economic mistakes, which is indeed a matter of concern. Thinking too much about these things may prove counter-productive for the students.
But the students of our institution need not worry so much about the things going on around them, and focus on their career goals. Every student has his/her “dream” company/institution but has to compromise due to lack of experience as they have no one to guide them.
Students’ Alumni Interaction Cell, NIT Durgapur has launched an initiative, Alumni Recruit Connect which will facilitate the above purpose and help the students to gain some insight into the industry and prepare themselves accordingly for the upcoming challenges.
Now, how will that happen, who will guide, whom to approach, don’t worry. The ones who were there in the same boat few years back as you are now, the alumni of NIT Durgapur, will help you in this daunting mission.

  • Purpose of ARC
    1. Alumni-Student Interaction through seminars, eminent lectures or meet-ups.
    2. Awareness of the prospect graduates about their alumni serving at various organizations.
    3. Student-Alumni networking and interaction with the alumni members.
  • Credentials for Alumni
    For Alumni who wish to -
    1. Help the students by guiding them for placements and career path.
    2. Interact with the current students and help them in networking.
    3. Offer positions to students in their organizations.
  • Credentials for Students
    For NIT DURGAPUR students who wish to -
    1. Interact and network with their alumni.
    2. Learn from the experiences of their seniors and don’t fall into those pitfalls.
    3. Maintain a good rapport with the stakeholders of various organizations.